Location: TBD
Cost: Annual membership for $175, individual events from $50-$95
I got to check out a pretty interesting concept the other day when Dinner Lab invited me out. The way it works is that you sign up for an annual membership and then they have occasional dining events that you can join. Events happen every few weeks and are at an undisclosed location until the day prior. The setup is very communal and inviting, and the meals always have a cool theme.  

  A few weeks ago, Jenny and I went to check out their collaboration dinner with Brooklyn Brewery. The Food Our menu was broken down into five courses:
1) Citrus Marinated Cobia

2) Smoked Melon Soup
Clearly I was too eager for this one and forgot to take a pic.
3) Egg in a Jar

4) Grilled Lamb Chops

5) Dark Berry Shortcake

Overall The whole idea is a lot of fun. There’s this big communal vibe and we made friends with some interesting folks. The food was intriguing, tasty, and went well with the diverse beer pairings. I suggest you check it out for yourself at one of their upcoming events.

Dinner Lab