Location: 444 W Fullerton
Cost: About $25 per person

Arif, KVG, Jenny, and I were planning dinner the other week. Everyone was thinking somewhat casual, so I threw out some options to the group. We ended up choosing Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. It was freezing cold out that night, and a huge pizza pot pie seemed right up my alley. Unfortunately, when we got there the wait was 2+ hours. Without a clear plan, we aimlessly wandered up Clark St. When we got to Fullerton, we saw that this relatively new place had replaced what had previously been Zapatista…. Standard Market Grill.

They’ve got this whole mixed order at the counter but you still get a waiter setup. Known as the best brunch in Chicago, this restaurant is split into a bar area that is relatively lively and a somewhat duller dining area. We took the quieter option off to the side. As far as costs and portions go, things were pretty fair. Most entrees were in the mid teens. One issue we ran into was that all four of our dishes came out at separate times.

The Food
To start things off we went with the vegan Chips and Guacamole which was a bit limey for my taste, but the warm chips scored them points.

The Chips and Guac
For the main course Jenny got the Grilled Salmon, Arif went with the Cali Burger, KVG got the Mustard Honey Chicken Sandwich, and I ordered the Iowa White Chicken. The salmon was a little under cooked and came with a decent portion of couscous and bok choy that were a bit bland. My chicken was appropriately prepared with some wilted spinach that kept the underseasoned theme going strong. The mashed potatoes were the star of the plate. Arif and KVG thought their sandwiches were just OK, and I didn’t go reaching across the table for a bite or anything.

The Cali Burger

The Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich

The Grilled Scottish Salmon

The Iowa White
For dessert, we went with Jenny’s favorite, a Skillet Cookie with Ice Cream. The cookie was too well done and had more crunch than chew to it. Still, it’s hard not to wolf one of those down.

The Cookie Skillet
Standard Market Grill was a very average American dining experience. None of the dishes stood out all that much, but for the most part things were well prepared and appropriately priced per portion. It reminded me a bit of Doc B’s except with less excitement and subtler flavors. I’m giving them 2.5 out of 5 Pearls.

Standard Market Grill